Plumbing Issues in our Spa

We apologize for the delay in our new opening.  We had a serious plumbing leak under our building. Ever heard of a slab leak repair? Very big issue! This caused the delay in opening our new store on main street. We apologize but for all new customers we will offer you 20% off your upcoming appointment. We want to thank the stars of the show that fixed our problem, the GP Plumbing Experts, these guys specialized and focused in plumbing services Grand Prairie Texas. WOw! We can’t thank you enough. For weeks we called plumbers to come out and check out our plumbing problem. A few days later after many had said they fixed it were wrong. We finally gave one last call to a company we found online and they said they’d come check it out for free. Another plus as these guys offered free plumbing estimates.

After evaluating the problem, they were able to locate the problem. They discovered something that the other 3 plumbing companies didn’t. I said go ahead and fix it. What the hell.. it was my last option after spending tons of money. Plus we needed our shop open and fixed before new customers came in.

The Grand Prairie Plumbing experts honored a money back guarantee but most important fixed the problem! To this day, weeks later, we still haven’t had any issues with our plumbing. I want to thank these guys as they saved our store. Anyway I didn’t want to make this post about them but they did help out a lot. For more information about our store, call us today 214-333-6367. We look forward to helping you.

Seeking a professional web designer.

Hey guys. How is everyone. I recently have been having issues with my current web designer. I am seeking a new designer to not only handle my website design and updates but also some graphics I need designed. Can  anyone recommend any flyer designers / poster designers in the city? I am open to discuss with them some paid work I need done.  I am in works with 1 designer that does awesome mixtape graphic work. They are called the mixtape cover masters which specialize in graphic design.  If you are a designer and has experience in web graphics and print designs contact me today. Let me show you my style of work I am needing. Here is a great example of a website I need graphics like.  Check out these guys called Mixtape Masters that create awesome graphics . I love their style and the impression they leave make an impact. They are skilled in photoshop and illustrator. Why don’t I hire them? They are expensive. I can’t afford them right now. But I know other designers can mimic their style of work.

All of my fans feel free to show me your work and examples. Can you recommend anyone? Post your favorite designers in the comments section or contact me today. Lets work.



Tips for Small Business Online Marketing

In today’s blog post we are going to discuss a new business located in the heart of Texas. These guys are a marketing genius and help out local small businesses around the city generate more clients, more sales and more revenue in their business. Many businesses have trouble marketing themselves online. Learning marketing itself as a whole another industry and skill set you must learn in addition to running your day business. We all assume that just having a website is the key to online marketing. Many just stop at that point. In today’s post we interview John Goodman from PL rankers.

These guys specialize in helping small businesses with their online marketing service by basically providing a do it for you service. It’s a great idea and one that caught my attention enough to discuss it in today’s post about small businesses. We see many small businesses just ignore their online marketing efforts. Many just don’t know where to go. What to do or where to start. And that’s where these guys come in and help. They help handle your online marketing efforts for a small fee each month. This article we’re going to post the links to their website for those interested in their service. Here are some helpful tips from John for any small business needing help with their online marketing.

One client I work with is a plumber. We handle a lot of plumber SEO company business for clients also. If you issues that we run across with our that many of these small businesses have poorly designed websites and weak social media. Not only that their advertising is literally nonexistent for the nominal fee that the can generate from one sale in their business. For any small business reading this it’s good to have your business website designed professionally but also by someone who understands marketing and knows how to convert and attract visitors to your website. Not every plumbing web designers can do this. And many web designing software services such as Wix , Go Daddy and other services that say build your website yourself for free! the services are in the business to get you to pay for monthly hosting an upgrade monthly packages don’t care about and website that helps you convert visitors and attract visitors to your website. If you ever had one or if you have one now you probably see this. Is any traffic landing on your website? Probably not. It’s the biggest tip I can get a period hire a skilled online marketing expert today.

Dallas Small Business Highlights

We blog about the city. We blog about Dallas. But mainly any successful local business in Texas. If you are located in Texas and have an established business that has been fully running for at least 5 months contact us to have your business spotlighted in our new blog website. We highlight only small city businesses in the area. Many are locally and have grown large. Many businesses have even been features in national magazines such as Time and USWeekly.

The first business we target is a successful business woman named Nicole. She currently runs and maintains a business called Partner With Nicole that sells a special body wrap to help lose weight and slim down their body. She’s however isn’t local. Her business is out of Florida does successful online selling It works Body wraps to customers all over the country. Her instagram currently has over 100k followers. She’s has the biggest follower list online in the It works global history.

Our next business highlight is a local Houston based dog kennel company. His name is John and runs a business called Gorilla Blue camp Kennels which produces beautiful bully puppies in houston area. He has over 10 years in selling top quality pitbull dog breeds such as american Bully Pits and Blue Nose and Red Nose. These beautiful bullies are one of a kind and look strong and healthy. Visit his website online today see more photos of his breeds.

And finally we highlight the last company located in the heart of Dallas a company called DFW water damage . This company specializes in water removal and water extraction in the north texas area. This company has been running for years and is your guy to call you when you need to remove a flooding in your home or business. Never leave water standing long. This can cause mold damage to your home and ruin even more your home or business. Visit the Emergency 24/7 Dallas Water Clean Up DFW today at